Did I say out loud last week that I wanted to get to 20,000 this week? I did, didn’t I! Well, that wasn’t very sensible of me, was it! Not with the way things have gone this week!

There were a few obstacles this week but the main one was that I was on a very different work schedule, which meant that I lost my mornings. For someone who usually writes in the morning because she has no time in the evening that was a big loss. Then I had a birthday to prepare for (all done now!) and it really didn’t help when I had these other two ideas sneaking into my mind for completely different books. They only bugged me for one day and haven’t bothered me since, so hopefully they’ll let me focus next week. If they don’t I might have to get them out of my system, but we’ll see.

But! I did write a tiny bit. I didn’t get to the seven-something-thousand I had in mind, but I did manage 1054. Not great, not great at all, but it’s better than nothing. There’s been progress, and I now have a thousand words I didn’t have last week, so hey ho!

I’m relieved to be back on my normal schedule next week, let me tell ya!


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