After my unproductive last week I’m happy to say that things have gone much better this week! On Tuesday alone I wrote more words than I did all of last week, and the grand total is now 19,935! It’s exciting to think that next week I will hit the 20,000 words mark, and maybe even the 25,000 mark…

This week, I’ve added 5387. The story is progressing really nicely and is already taking me into directions I didn’t expect when I started planning my book – or only a few weeks ago, when I presented my board! It has already come a long way with some exciting twists and turns here and there, and I am beyond excited to see where things will take me next week. All of my characters are very chatty with me, and are only too happy to tell this story from their point of view.

I also feel like I am getting close to having a final title for the book, but more on that next week…

Next month, me and my boyfriend are going away for two weeks so I won’t be around. I will schedule a few posts so that Cookie Break won’t get too quiet, and am planning on posting some character descriptions of my main characters. I couldn’tย draw if my life depended on it, so don’t expect drawings to go with the posts, but you’ll get a good idea of who my main characters are at least ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking forward to introducing you!

A good weekend to you all,



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