Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Due to a hospital appointment followed by a brief procedure (nothing serious, don’t worry) this morning, I’m feeling a little meh today so I’ll only be doing a short update.

So let me introduce you to my desk space, and the space where I write most of the time:


I know a lot of people will pale at the sight of it, but I promise you – this is tidy 🙂 As you can see I have the typical (or is that just me?) glass of pens and pencils, some vitamins since my iron and vitamin B12 levels are low, a picture of my grandma, and you can even spot some of my many notebooks under there.

This is where I do the vast majority of my writing. When it’s time for me to print the first draft and begin the dreaded editing-process I will move either onto our sofa, upstairs into the quiet spare room, or outside if the weather allows it. Quite often our cat hogs the chair so I use the computer when she permits it.

What does your writing space look like, and how does it compare to mine? I imagine it’s a lot tidier than this but as long as it works for you, anything is good!



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