I’ve been putting my efforts into writing this very important prophecy this week, and it has made me realise that writing prophecy is harder than expected! (who’d have thunk it?) It’s getting there, I’m hoping that I’ll have something final (as final as drafts can be) tomorrow to share with you, but it has made me wonder how other people approach the same challenge!

Next week I will publish Part 2 of my prophecy-related progress and will put together a small, easy-to-remember check-list of things to consider, both for future-me and for anyone else trying to write prophecies πŸ™‚

As a side-effect, trying to write something which will more or less summarise the entire book has brought me closer to finding a final title for my book. Tomorrow I may well include some of my favourites!

Have you written prophecies before? How do you approach it, and what advice would you give to a prophecy-noob like me? If you’ve never written prophecy before, how would you approach it if you did so now?


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