Self-doubt is something we all struggle with from time to time, and this post by one of my favourite authors explains beautifully how to deal with it and even why we should accept it. It’s very worth a read for anyone who wants to write, paint, take photographs, or practice any other form of art!

The Talkative Writer

I was intending to do this as one of the writing podcasts but I’m fighting against another return of the Vile Lurgy, so to spare you my coughs and splutters I’ll do it as a regular blog post.

Recently I received a lovely email from reader Alyssa, who asked me what advice I’d give to aspiring writers about the demon of self-doubt and the need for external validation of the work. It’s a great question, and I wanted to answer it in a more public forum because I’m pretty sure Alyssa’s not the only writer who sometimes struggles with these issues.

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