Hi everyone!

Writing this week has gone pretty well – the first questions have been answered, there are cliff-hangers everywhere, and even more questions have popped up. I’m slowly approaching the second half of my first draft, and some of the characters are starting to develop in ways I hadn’t anticipated. It’s been an exciting week for Rise of the Sparrows, let me tell ya!

I’ve written 5,598 words, which brings the total up to 31,223! A crazy number since I only entered the 20,000s last week!

I’m quite happy with how everything is progressing. Next week I would like to reach 40,000 (since 45,000 is too unrealistic, me thinks) which seems achievable. After that I will be away on holiday for two weeks with next to no signal on my phone, but I’ll schedule a few posts to publish while I’m away. I’m not sure whether I should write my 10-Minute shorts ahead of time, since that would defeat the point. At the same time I would like for them to keep posting while I’m away.

Oooh, and – on another exciting note – Cookie Break reached 100 followers this week! Thank you to everyone who’s decided to keep an eye on my book’s progress, you don’t know how much of a motivation that is!

A good weekend to you all,



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