I’m back from our two-week holiday, and back to writing ‘Rise of the Sparrows’! I was not sure how many words I would be able to write this week due to me being behind on many things and there being so much laundry, but I can happily say that I smashed it!

This week, I wrote a whopping 6,795 words (whopping for me, that is), which brings the overall word count up to 38,018! Not only that, but my main character has also gone through some all-important character development and another vital character has been named! All in all, it could not have gone much better this week. Things are beginning to heat up within the story itself, and the writing is getting to several exciting points.

So, because I’m on a small high right now, I’m going to do something I won’t do very often – I’m going to finish with a small excerpt from the bit I wrote today. It’s not very long because I don’t want to give away too much, but I hope it will get you excited for the rest! πŸ™‚ Just for clarification since you can’t see the rest of the chapter – they are talking about a raid on below mentioned prison, to free a lot of good people.

Until next week,



β€œThere is a prison, high up in the White City. If the White Guard had taken you after all they would have brought you there, leaving you to rot and be tortured until your execution. We watch the roads so we know when more people are brought in. Cale always goes with them, and they always take at least ten people into the walls but last time only Cale and two others came back. He still can’t sleep. He believes they died because he failed.”


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