Now, don’t worry, I mean the good kind of procrastination! The kind which involves book research, gathering new book ideas, and cats! Procrastination can’t be bad when it involves all of the above, now, can it? (unless it’s solely cats with no research, although we could argue about that) Hence why it’s Productive Procrastination. Let me explain.

Writer Kitteh

We’re all guilty of procrastinating. Don’t even try to deny it. Sometimes the words just don’t want to come, and you’re tempted to do your laundry instead. Or watch your favourite TV series for five hours straight. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t do the housework necessary to save your home from being a hoarder’s dream, but why not try to use your procrastination to your advantage?

There are many ways you can do this. There are countless articles to read and videos to watch on the internet (and, yes, cats), but chances are you have a favourite way of procrastinating productively. Mine is Pinterest.

Pinterest 2
Procrastination, you say? Organize, you say? Source

There are a lot of posts related to creative writing on Pinterest. Whether it’s quotes, how-to’s on map building, advice on creating strong villains, tips for beating procrastination (ironically) – it’s all there. And because I can relate it to writing my book, it’s a better way to waste an hour than hanging up the laundry to dry really slowly. Or doing something else entirely unrelated, like wasting away in front of the TV for five hours.

Just because you’re not writing your book doesn’t mean you can’t do any work on it at all. There’s so much more to writing one than the actual writing part, and procrastination will try to get in the way. So, instead of letting it, use it to your advantage instead. The best part is that your mind stays focused on your book, so while you do all this productive procrastination you might even suddenly solve a problem you’ve been struggling with for a while!

Finally, even if you don’t procrastinate in a productive way, you still give your mind a break, and having one of those occasionally can’t hurt. As long as the breaks don’t become longer than the actual writing sessions.

If you would like to procrastinate together on Pinterest, you can find me here.

How do you procrastinate? Have you found any productive ways of doing it you could share? 



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