Whether it’s a book you’re writing or an essay or a dissertation, chances are you don’t want to lose everything you’ve done to date (just imagine the horror!). Working in a university library I’ve seen far too many students who have lost all their progress because they don’t save their work regularly and when they do, they only save it in one place.

Losing all your progress is painful, stressful and immensely demotivating to put it mildly. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of being in that position you’ll know what I mean. If you’ve never been in that position, consider everything you’ve written so far and then imagine losing all of it without a chance in hell of getting it back. That’s not a hole you want to dig for yourself.

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Don’t let this be you.

When you write something –anything-, no matter what it is, you want to have backups. One at the very least so that you’ll always have your work saved somewhere, even if you lose the copy saved to your desktop. I currently have my draft saved to the desktop, and have additional copies on two memory sticks – one of which I regularly take with me when I go somewhere, just in case the house burns down while I’m out (I’m paranoid that way). That makes for three copies in total! If I was to lose all of those at the same time now I’d probably take that as a hint from the universe that this book shouldn’t be published.

Losing all your progress is not a nice feeling, so be sensible, avoid disaster, and back up your work.

How many backups do you have? Have you ever lost all of your work – be it an essay, a draft for a book, a dissertation or something else – and couldn’t recover what you’d lost? Please feel free to share your experience below. And please, don’t hold back, we want people to be scared of this possibility.


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