“You have to remember that no one can write exactly as you do. You are the unique product of a unique life history. Even if you had an identical twin, they could never write precisely the poems, plays, stories that you will. So if you don’t write this text and in your own particular way, then no one else ever will. No one can do it for you.” (from ‘The Creative Writing Coursebook’ by Julia Bell and Andrew Motion)

I get intimidated when I read a really great book. Not as often as I used to, but sometimes it still happens. Some of the books I’ve read recently were so brilliant they made me doubt whether I can really do this. Who am I, to think I can do what they do? How dare I call myself one of them? And to an extend I’m right. I can’t write exactly what they’ve written, but they’ve been doing this for a lot longer than I have and I wouldn’t really want to write exactly what they’ve written, anyway. Those are their stories, there are plenty more in my own head I can write! Likewise, they wouldn’t have been able to write what I’ll write. They’d have written it differently, maybe/probably better (again, they’ve been at this for waaay longer than I have) but it wouldn’t have been the same. Only I can say the words in exactly the way I need to say them, and the same is true for you and your story.

So stop making excuses, and don’t let those amazing, big names out there intimadate you. You don’t have to write as they do to be amazing and earn your spot amongst them. You need only to write, and to keep writing.


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