A little while ago I noticed a lot of posts where writers described a typical work day and I found them really interesting, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon (if a little late) πŸ™‚

I’ve got two different routines – one for writing and one for editing.


writing space
My writing space – tidied up just for you! πŸ™‚

I get up at 8am, although I do try to get better and get up at 7.30 (or there about – I’ve been managing 7.40 recently). I don’t start writing until 9am, which gives me time to make some tea and catch up with social media before getting stuck in. Tea helps me wake up and, depending on the kind of tea I’m drinking, it helps energise me, too. Writing 3K in one hour is quite possible when you feel like running up the walls! Having said that I don’t set a specific word goal I want to achieve every day. Rather, I write for roughly an hour every morning, sometimes it’s a little more and rarely it’s less than that. In that time I get anything between 1,5K and 3K, sometimes I even manage more than that. On particularly successful mornings I’ve written over 4K words! (that’s the tea at play there)

Since I currently have a part-time job I don’t have time to write for another hour later on in the day, and I’m not convinced that it would be as productive, either. I’m my most productive in the morning with a hot cup of tea, so I’d have to test what difference writing in the afternoon would make. Maybe once I’ve signed a book deal with an amazing agent. (one can dream, right?)

While I don’t set a specific word goal per day I used to aim for 6K a week at the beginning of my draft. As I went on I upped my target to 8K, and I’ll try a goal of 10K a week when I write the draft for Book 2.


editing Day7

My editing routine looks a little different. I still get up at the same time and I still start around 9 (sometimes 8.30, if the cat allows it), but I don’t stop after an hour. I try to get as much editing done as I can fit into my morning. Since I can nibble on some breakfast while I highlight and cross things out I sometimes do that, too. On a normal morning I’ll edit for between 2 and 3 hours.

I change location, too. I’ve been staring at my screen and keyboard throughout the entire draft, and it helps to have it lying before me in a different format. So I print the whole thing out, and go through it with a red pen and some highlighters. I don’t start applying the first changes in the actual file until I’ve been through the whole draft once. When all changes have been applied I repeat the process until I can’t find any more by myself – at this point I’ll get an editor and some beta readers involved.

I also sit on a comfy sofa while I do all this, because why not? I’d be in my pj’s, too, if that wasn’t more likely to make me go back to sleep!

editing Day10

What is your routine when you write and/or edit? Do you have certain rituals you need to run through in order for the words to flow? I love seeing how other people approach this, so please share your habits with me in the comments! πŸ™‚


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