It’s been a great year for reading. I don’t think I’ve ever read as many books in one year as I did this year, and next year it’ll get even better! Since I’ve gotten a Goodreads account my to-be-read pile has stacked up immensely, and I’m really excited for everything that’s waiting for me on there.

There were a lot of great reads over the past twelve months, and since 2015 is coming to a close I thought now was a good time to share my favourite reads with you.

In no specific order:

Summer Reading List Stardust

I’m so glad I finally read a book written by the legend himself! It was everything I’d hoped for and more, cliche as that might be. There was magic, the storytelling was incredible, and it’s left me wanting to read more next year.


Summer Reading List The Falcon Throne

Karen Miller has been one of my favourite authors for years, and her most recent book has somehow stepped up her game even more. It had everything you’d want from an epic – love, magic, murder, betrayal and deceit – and I can’t recommend her enough.



I wasn’t sure what to expect when I came across The Time Keeper in my library. It was short and I wanted something to read on my lunch breaks, but I didn’t expect it would make me cry on said lunch breaks! (pasta does taste better with happy tears!) It won’t take you long at all to read through this, and it’ll be worth it. Just have some tissues handy. And maybe some chocolate.


Summer Reading List Fiendish

I’ve never hated a villain as much as I hated this one. If he went and burnt in hell, it wouldn’t be punishment enough for this filthy excuse of a human being.Β Needless to say, I felt for the main character, a lot, and if you read this it’ll be an emotional ride!


Summer Reading List Evo Nation

Twists at every turn and knowing that you can’t trust anyone to be one of the good guys make this an amazing read. The characters were great and the way it ended has me excited for EVO Shift. Just don’t get attached to people, okay?



Terry Goodkind is another one of my favourite authors, and I was thrilled to find out that I wasn’t done with this series after all! It had creepy shadow hounds and a machine which seems to be alive and I couldn’t wait to start the next book, so I’m reading that right now! If you start a new series next year, make it this one.


What were your favourite reads this year? Is there anything you’d like to recommend?


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