It’s another short prompt this week but it was too intriguing not to try it! Next week’s prompt will be longer again 🙂

A houseplant is dying. 
Tell it why it needs to live.

“NO!” Tears stinging my eyes I felt pretty stupid for shouting at a dying, potted geranium. But what else could I do? CPR didn’t work on plants last time I checked.

“You can’t die! You’re all I have left of her!” Five years ago my Mum had given me a freshly planted geranium as a moving-in gift. This was my first home away from home, and Mum, a passionate gardener, had hand-picked this sapling for me to have from her own garden. I was terrible with plants but this little guy had fought its odds somehow.

On the way home from the house-warming party Mum had gotten into an accident. This plant was all I had left of her.

“Live!” It couldn’t die. It just couldn’t.


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