I really enjoyed writing this one. I wasn’t sure where the prompt would take me when I started writing but it turned out a very fun exercise!

As always, feel free to borrow this prompt if it speaks to you. If you do please link back here, I’d love to see your interpretation!


The next sound you hear and what caused it

I froze when the silence finally broke.

Heavy footsteps, like someone dragging something heavy, slumped up the stairs. Desperate not to give away my location I held my hands to my lips, knowing it’d do me no good. If I screamed I’d be dead, there was no way it wasn’t gonna hear me.

If only Dee was here. He’d have known what to do, but the last I’d seen of him were his feet ana trail of blood as it had dragged him out of the kitchen.

We had been prepared to die. It had taken this situation for me to realise how stupid that vow had been. If Dee was still alive I was sure he’d regret it, too.

Like everyone else in this town I’d thought that being a Shadow Hunter would be – well, not fun, exactly, but right. The Shadows had reached us and torn through town like a horde of mad demons. I had sworn to kill them, but I was trapped and the others were all dead.

Outside the heavy footsteps came to a stop. I held my breath as I prepared myself for it to strike.


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