This week’s prompt is another long-ish one, and just like that week it’s allowed me to play around with an idea I’ve had recently.

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A vivid childhood memory from the child’s perspective

“Use red!ย 

“Red? You sure you wouldn’t prefer blue?”

“YES!” My sister laughs, but I eye the red pen in her hand just in case it suddenly turns blue and ruins my bird.ย 

“Okay, okay. Red it is.” My sister is amazing. She can draw anything, and she’s drawn me a cartoon bird, just for me. I watch as its feathers turn a bright crimson.

“Here you go. Don’t forget to give it a name.” She hands me the paper drawing and I clutch it to my chest.ย 


“Bird the bird, huh? Sounds good!” I beam up at her, then I gasp as a sharp pain sears through my cheek.ย 

“Clara! Please, stay with me!” My eyes fly open and stare into Lonnie’s scared face. “Thank God you’re back! I thought I’d lost you!” She hugs me, but I stand rigid as the sound of raindrops bounce from my umbrella. At least I won’t need to water her flowers today.

My sister’s grave looks as cold and as surreal as ever. It’s not good enough to be her final resting place. Nothing is.

I resist the temptation to close my eyes again and join my sister in a world where the accident didn’t kill her. One where we’re both still children and unfamiliar with the idea of suicide.

I’ve put Lonnie through enough panic for one day. I can escape when I’m alone.


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