Since I’ve started writing Rise of the Sparrows I’ve come across different opinions on whether a prologue is necessary or not. A lot of opinions shout rather loudly that prologues shouldn’t be in a book and even ruin it. Others say the exact opposite, that a prologue can only make a story better. Of course there are a few voices in the middle, too, which say that a prologue can be good, as long as it adds something to the story.

I’m one of those people who are in between the two. I’ve read books with and without prologue and can’t say that I ever decided against buying a book because it had one, or because it didn’t.

With Rise of the Sparrows I’ve opted to include one, but it took me a while to decide for it. When I started writing the draft I didn’t have a prologue, and I’ve cut it several times, changed it and rewritten it entirely a couple of times, too. The one I’m leaving in doesn’t just set up Rise of the Sparrows but the whole trilogy, so I’d like to think that it’s not just there so I can have a prologue. The feedback from my beta readers confirms that I’ve made the right decision. It’s there for a reason. It fulfils a purpose other than my own vanity and it works for my readers.

Since opinions vary so greatly I thought I’d open it up for discussion! What do you think? Is a prologue a clear sign for you that the book isn’t worth your time, or do you not care as long as it adds (relevant and important) content? Have you ever decided against/for buying a book because it had a prologue – or lacked one? Let’s talk!


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