This week has been exciting, to say the least! Right up until today cause I’m not feeling well, but that just leaves more time to plot and read, right? From the sofa? In a blanket? With tea, and a cat on my lap?

So it’s not all bad.

It’s been two weeks now since my beta readers have started reading, and I’ve had some wonderful feedback! I must be doing something right, because even amidst all those suggestions for improvements they still enjoy it and want to know what happens next. Then, earlier this week, I had a very proud writer moment, because I received this comment:

AchievementUnlocked 1

If people are so caught up in my story that they forget to take notes, I must be doing something right!

And then I thought – and my fellow gamers amongst you will like this (I hope) – why not write down all my writing achievements? The few milestones I have reached already, and all the others I can think of which are, maybe, yet to come?

So I did.

WritingAchievements 1

WritingAchievements 2

The procrastination was real, people! So far I’ve got 27 points on that list. I’ve left a few pages blank afterwards for when I think of more.

*ahem* But let’s move on!

The final, professional edit isn’t far away, and I’ve begun to plan my next steps. I already have quite a few advanced readers but there’s always room for more, and I’m starting to plan my blog tour as well. Rise of the Sparrows will be out on 23rd May, so I’m looking to arrange something for every day that week. If any of you would like to host me on your blog, get in touch! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never hosted anyone before – there’s plenty of time to discuss what we could do πŸ™‚

I’ve also finally gotten back to plotting this week. It feels so good to plot and scheme and rub my hands together while laughing in as evil a way as I can manage – you have no idea.

RelicsOfArZac Notebooks

The first notebook I started plotting in has been filled up completely, and I have moved on to the second notebook for Relics of Ar’Zac now. I’ve marked some pages in Notebook 1 which will/might be relevant for Book 2, Book 3 or the prequel, and as you can see my mascot helped me with that. I’ve mostly made notes for Book 2 and the prequel this week but there are some other ideas I’ve played with, too, and some more yet which I want to experiment with soon. Not all of them related to this trilogy. Maybe today, since I’m stuck on the sofa.

And then there’s my side project, which isn’t related to my writing but is related to writing… Ah, it’s complicated. More on that in a month, hopefully πŸ˜‰

I also received my first endorsement this week. I can now officially stick this on my book’s cover:

‘Sarina Langer’s is an exciting new voice, well worth reading for its edgy portrayals of distant worlds. Β I eagerly await her next books.’

Before we all get too excited (I definitely did), though – this isn’t from anyone famous. It’s from someone relevant to our industry, but not from a famous writer so I probably won’t stick it on my book’s cover. Ignore what I said above, okay? I can and will stick this everywhere else, though, and I’m beyond chuffed with it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe it’s time I waddle over to the sofa (it’s hard to walk when you’re wrapped up in a blanket, okay?) and curl up with a book and the mascot.


As you can see I’ve got plenty of books to get comfy with. Silly me didn’t even include all books in this picture, there are two missing! The one I’m reading now, More of Me by Kathryn Evans, and ADSoM by V. E. Schwab, have somehow not made it into this picture. You can tell you’re unwell when….

Allow me to leave you with these points to consider:

Would you like to be an advanced reader, or host me on your blog as part of my blog tour? So far no slots are taken, so if you’re interested get in touch (here, twitter, facebook – whichever is easiest for you) and we can discuss things!

What would you consider an ‘Achievement Unlocked!’ moment? Have you experienced one or two already?

Let’s chat! πŸ™‚

A wonderful Friday and weekend to you all!



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