After not taking part in NaNoWriMo last year, and regretting it, I’ve been convinced to take part in Camp NaNo next month!


I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m very excited for it! I’ll be working on the sequel to Rise of the Sparrows as well as Immortals (temp. title), with a word count goal of 25K each. I’m a little worried that working on two projects is going to be too ambitious, but we shall see ^^ Prepare yourself for lots and lots of excerpts during April!

Speaking of which… I do have an excerpt for you today! But unfortunately it’s neither for Book 2 nor for Immortals (temp. title). Last week I received some new meds (or rather I received the same meds as before but on a higher dose) and it’s been draining my energy all week. Apart from Tuesday, for some reason. I had all of the energy on Tuesday.

My mascot didn’t help when she did this:

mascot 8

The second she sees a notebook she knows my attention is going to be elsewhere, so she sat on it. I did plot both books this week despite her best efforts, and have quite a lot planned for the sequel already. Mostly for the first half, but I trust that my characters will fill in the rest again like they did with Rise of the Sparrows.

Plotting Immortals (temp. title) didn’t go quite so well. I can’t figure out what’s going to happen when or why and barely know how it starts, which scares me. Usually when I write something I’ve got a lot of the story planned out in advance, but this time I feel like I’ve got nothing. I’m not used to going in without a plan, but I think I’ll just go for it and see where it takes me. Dena is a strong character and it looks like I’ll have to trust her lead. If any of you feel like bouncing some ideas with me, let me know.

Since I couldn’t wrap my head around either story this week (and I blame the meds and nothing but the meds) I thought I’d write something different, to give my mind a break. I started to expand on an idea I had a while ago, and before I knew it I had 2,557 words written! I do like this idea a lot, but I’m undecided whether I’ll turn it into something more. Since Camp NaNo is coming up I probably won’t have time to think about it again until May, and Rise of the Sparrows is out in May so I’m not sure about that, either. Which could very well work in its favour!

Excerpt away!

Because, while every other person I’d ever met was restricted to this world, I could jump between universes. You might have heard of parallel worlds. Parallel universes, where life is exactly as it is here apart from one decision made, one mind changed, one phone call never answered. One baby never conceived, one word said at the wrong time, triggering the gun in the jealous wife’s hand. I’d been to worlds where my Grandma was still alive, to a world where my father decided against cheating on Mum, and ultimately never left us. I loved staying for a while and observing the life I could have had, the life another me did have, in this other reality which was so much like mine and yet so different. I can’t go physically, so while my mind explores endless possibilities my body stays put. It still needs food, and it still needs to pee, so sooner or later I need to return and take control of my life again.

It had never been a problem, either. Not until now.

A good weekend to you all!



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