Check out this fantastic post by writer Holly Evans, where she explains why she chose to publish her books the indie way! I couldn’t agree more with everything she says, and have the same reasons for publishing my books as an indie author. If you’re not sure which way you want to go, give this insightful post a read!

Holly Evans

Why I Chose The Indie Publishing Route

There’s yet another article written by a traditionally published author harping on about how shit indie publishing is. No I’m not going to link it, I have no doubt they’ve had enough clicks as it is.

I felt it was about time that I shared why I chose the indie publishing route.

Let’s get some of those stupid assumptions and comments that are so frequently thrown around in these moronic click-baity articles out of the way first shall we?

Yes, I have researched traditional publishing. I’ve read a lot about it, from what to expect in a standard contract, to how to write query letters, the actual publishing process, how large advances are, their marketing strategies, etc etc. As I mentioned in my post about my writing journey so far I did actually consider traditional publishing once, I was offered a contract, and I turned it down.

No I am…

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