After posting some blogging tips and know-hows last week I thought I’d follow up with how I do things! Just in case you were wondering πŸ˜‰

If you’re one of my regular readers you’ll know that there are certain posts I post all the time. My schedule looks something like this:

Monday – Writing Prompt

Tuesday – Wisdom and Knowledge *ahem* & Guest Posts (starting this month!)

Wednesday – WWW Wednesday, bi-weekly

Thursday – book reviews (irregular)

Friday – Progress Update

Saturday & Sunday – GLORIOUS NOTHING!

weekend plans

I schedule all my posts ahead of time. Sometimes just by a few weeks (or days, even, during busy times) but other times I’m months ahead! The only exception to this are my progress updates on Friday. I’m an organised person who gets the giddy jitters when she hears the words ‘colour coding’, ‘post-it note’ or ‘highlighters’, and prefer having posts prepared. That way I don’t panic if I don’t have a post ready, and so far blogging hasn’t felt like a chore.

I often take notes for future posts so by the time I write it I already have a couple of things written down. This is especially true for my progress updates, for which I take notes throughout the week (from the moment the previous update has been posted). When I then write the next progress update I know I won’t miss anything! I also keep a page in my BulletJournal for all my posts. That way I know exactly what I’m publishing when, whether it still needs to be written or whether it just needs to be edited – or whether it’s ready to go!

The only posts I definitely post weekly are the writing prompt, the Tuesday musings, and the progress update on Friday. I don’t read enough to have a new WWW post every Wednesday, and I don’t post reviews every Thursday for the same reason.

all the books
So many books, so little time! If you read several books a week, know that I’m in awe of you.

I keep the weekends empty because they are weekends. There’s a lot of pressure on self-employed people like writers to work all the time or else they should feel guilty. By keeping the weekends free I give myself a break, and allow myself time to relax a little before Monday. I know several writers who have burned out, and it shouldn’t like this. Self-employed people aren’t machines, and need a breather, to – and you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty!

I also follow a lot of blogs, and make an effort to stay caught up on 9 of them. It’s a shame but it’s just not possible for me to read every update that pops into my reader, so having this list helps a lot. These are the 9 awesome blogs on said list:


K. J. Chapman

Mollie’s Musings



Holly Evans

Art and Soul

A Little Me, Apparently

C.E.L. Stefani

Go on over there and visit them if you haven’t already, it’ll be very worth your time!

I don’t always manage to stay caught up on their posts, but I try. I’m also adding to the list whenever a blog I really, really love pops up, so this list will expand over time.

How do you blog? Do you plan ahead and schedule posts, or do you write on the day? Do you post regularly, or whenever you feel like it? I love seeing how other people organise themselves, if at all, so please get in touch!


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