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This was harder than you might think! I’ve never had a bucket list so this will likely be the only one I’ll ever have/need. It was great to think about my goals as a writer, and I can only recommend it – even if it’s not for a bucket list!

My writing bucket list

1) Have a writing retreat at home.

I’ve seen a lot of writers go away for a weekend or longer, and rent a cabin somewhere or a hotel room just to write without distractions. As wonderful as that sounds (and it sounds wonderful), I can’t afford to do that.

However, we do have a spare room in our house and a shed which needs replacing at the end of the garden. We can’t afford to do that, either, but it’s a dream for the future to convert one of those into a writing retreat – a room I don’t use for anything but plot, research and write!

writing retreat
I’d quite happily lock myself away here for a week and write! Source

2) Publish a trilogy.

I’m on that now! [shameless self-promo on] My first book Rise of the Sparrows will be out 23rd May and will be the first in the trilogy. [shameless self-promo off] I’ve wanted to be a writer for years (since I was a child and since before I could write, if you believe my mum) so this is a huge and very exciting step for me!

I want to write a longer series in the future, too, but for now this is a good place to startΒ πŸ™‚

3) Co-write a book or a series.Β 

Being around creative people is incredibly inspiring, and I’ve met some amazing writers since I’ve started this blog. Co-writing a book sounds like a big challenge, equally maddening and amazing, and at some point I’d like to give it a shot.

Your character distracts the bad guy, while my character sneaks up on him! TEAMWORK!

4) Be someone’s inspiration.

Books have been inspiring as well as therapy to me over the years. I’ve always wanted to write, but after reading Empress by Karen Miller it was a definite for me that I’d be a writer some day. The book was amazing and the first book I read by her, and it inspired me to give writing a proper, earnest go. Incidentally she has also given me some of the best advice on writing I’ve ever received, but that might be a post for another day.

I’d love to write a book that inspires someone to write themselves, or to better themselves or do something they’ve always dreamed of doing. Writing is as much therapy to me as reading is, and if I could inspire someone to try it and maybe even grow to love it I’d be a very proud girl!

5) Get an agent and be published traditionally.

This is listed last because it’s a big if. Publishing my books myself gives me all of the control, and I’m not going to give that up easily. I’m not desperate to get an agent or publish my books traditionally and am quite happy to do it all myself, so the contract would need to be just right. Money isn’t my priority – I’ve picked the wrong profession if it was – and isn’t a deciding factor.

So, while it would be nice to be able to say that I’ve got a publishing deal, it’s not a must.

Have you written your writer’s bucket list? What would be on your list if you had one?


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