(This is going to be the shortest progress update I’ve ever done…)

We’ve got an exciting month ahead! Next week will resume as usual (although I’ve got some exciting news coming up on Thursday), but the two weeks after that are packed with thrilling things all over the place!

DrWho excited

Next week Friday I’ve got the pre-release week schedule for you. Five copies for my giveaway have been ordered, which will start Monday 16th, and I’ve got something else waiting for you as well 😉 The Friday that week the giveaway will finish, so you’ll have plenty of time to enter and win a copy! I’ll also share the schedule for release week with you, so you know where I’ll be and when (you can even enter another giveaway!)


I’m pretty much on top of things for that week and can start relaxing now. Besides the marketing and promoting, of course. But the hardest part (*cough* OpenOffice! *cough*) is over.

I even managed to do a bit of writing this week, and have made some small progress on Book 2 🙂

And so ends the shortest progress update I’ve ever done!

I’ll leave you with this brief (shortened, to avoid spoilers) excerpt – it’s difficult to share excerpts from Book 2 before the first book is even out, but I don’t think this short section gives away too much 😉 Just bear in mind that it’s basically the draft before the first draft 😛

Rachael grimaced. Kiana’s blade hadn’t cut deep, but the wound stung. Kiana had made her train through the pain, and had only taken her to get the wound treated after another hour of merciless fighting. In a real battle, Kiana said, she wouldn’t have time to take a break. In a real battle she needed to be strong enough to ignore the pain, and fight despite it. Rachael agreed. She had seen first hand what real battle was like when she had fought her way through the White City.

A sharp pain raced up her right leg.

“Don’t let your guard down. Your enemy might try to trick you. You’d be dead if I were a real opponent.”


All content belongs to the author, Sarina Langer.

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