This week I’m playing around with an idea I’ve had recently. If you read last week’s prompt you’ll already know a little bit about this idea, but you don’t need to have read it to understand today’s prompt.

I should say that, while I’m drawn to this character, I haven’t sat down and really thought about who he is. There’s been so much to do with the release week prep that I haven’t had time, but perhaps this week I’ll find a free thirty minutes… I feel like we’ve got a connection ^^ (I may have started writing his draft..)

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to borrow it 🙂 If you do and chose to publish your interpretation please link back here – I’d love to read it!


Things you should throw away but can’t

That was the moment I realised that I was a failure as a Shadow Walker. We were trained from a very young age, all emotions – everything that makes humans human – stripped away from us until only the shell remains. That shell is filled with a new purpose; to kill quickly, and well. We were perfect assassins.

Yet here I was, standing in the middle of a hundred dead people, their hot blood warming my feet, and whispering an apology to a dagger. Not apologising to the dagger, of course, but to whoever had given it to me. I couldn’t remember them, but I felt like this wasn’t what they had wanted me to become. You could call it an echo of a memory, and it’s all I had left of who I was before.


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