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As you all know my first novel will be released next week Monday – while I have a full week of excitement laid out for you, the fun starts this week 😉 Yesterday I kicked things of with the givaway, but for the next three days I’ve got some character insights for you! All insights will take place before the beginning of the book, and therefore will show you who the characters used to be and why they are who they are now.

Today I’m offering some insight into Kiana 🙂 She wasn’t in the book at all when I started writing it, but since then she has developed into one of my favourite characters (Not that I have favourites, of course, I love them all equally *ahem*)

So, before I talk around it even more, here’s a small look into Kiana’s old life 🙂


Ignore the pain.

Kiana watched from her spot high up on the wall as her target moved through the dark alleys. Her teeth were clenched, and her leg throbbed mercilessly. It hurt where the knife had cut her thigh. The area around it was hot and burned, but she couldn’t let a small wound control her life. It was just a scratch. It couldn’t hold her back.

Her target was nervous. His hands were restless, his step was fast, and one hand hovered over the sword on his hip. He didn’t look like much, but he expected trouble. He knows I’m watching. I hope it terrifies him.

Kiana whistled, and grinned when the man stopped and searched the area. His eyes flicked from one corner to the next, but he didn’t think to look up.

Kiana drew her dagger, and jumped.

He tried to scream when she fell into him, but the force of the impact knocked the air out of him. She had waited a long time for this moment. She wouldn’t risk him screaming for help now that she finally had him trapped.

“Oh, Maker!” His lips were trembling, and the hands he held up in surrender were shaking. “Please, I can give you anything you want! Are you after money? I don’t have much, but if you come with me I can-”
Kiana kicked him in the side, and he doubled over. She had heard that excuse too many times to fall for it a second time.

“There’s only one thing I want.”

He nodded quickly, his eyes wide. “Anything! Just name it, and I can-”

“Don’t you recognize me?” Kiana had day-dreamed about this moment for years. His fear, the recognition, his begging. She sighed. A bit of recognition would have been nice – she wanted him to know who killed him, and why – but it wasn’t necessary. His suffering was necessary, and she could ensure that much.

For a moment the terror left his eyes, and he focused on her like he was seeing her for the first time. Kiana spat in his face.

“Oh Maker! It can’t be!” Finally! “Kiana?”

She nodded. “You’ve aged horribly since the last time you hit me. Did you miss me?”

His whole body was shaking. She had dreamed of seeing him so defenceless and entirely at her mercy; the real thing was almost as good as her imagination had promised – no, it was better. It was real.

“Shit, I thought you were dead!”

“Thought or hoped?”

“Please! Let me go!”

In an instant her dagger found his throat, but the blade drew no blood. “You mean, like you let my mother go? Like you let me go?”

“Oh Maker, that was a long time ago! I’ve changed! I’d never-”

“It’s five years today. Five years since you murdered my mother. Five years since you raped me. Did you miss me, or have you found a younger whore?”
His eyes were pressed shut. Seeing him like this almost made up for everything he had done to her and her mother. Almost.

Her elbow rammed into his head, and his arms fell away by his side. With an anger that had build for the past seven years, she brought down her dagger into his right hand. Finally, he screamed. Kiana knew she didn’t have long before the authorities came running.

Better make it worth it.

His eyes were no longer focused on her, but he was conscious. Disoriented from the blow, but awake enough to feel fear.

“That was for my mother.”

Her dagger cut through his left hand, and he screamed. “That’s for every child you’ve raped and abused. And this-” Her free hand grabbed his chin, and forced him to look at her. “This is for everything you’ve done to me.”

She brought down her dagger without another second lost, and pierced his heart. His body convulsed, and the first slivers of red dripped down his face.
She got up, kicked his head one last time, and disappeared into the shadows moments before the guards arrived.

No one deserved to die the way she had killed him, but he wasn’t no one. He was an exception.

Kiana sighed, and leaned into the wall behind her. Her nightmare was over, and her mother could finally find peace at the Maker’s side.

The pain in her leg flared up, and she grit her teeth. She smiled through the angry burn. It had taken years of practice and sleepless nights, but she was no longer defenceless. The days of being toyed with like a cheap rag doll were over and bleeding out in front of her.

She would never be weak again. This she swore.


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