Check out this incredible review for Rise of the Sparrows! Thank you, Mollie, for being awesome and making me cry ❤ I think I'll have that group hug now!

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Guess what time it is boys and girls…it’s Book Squeeing time!!!!
excitedw:kidsNot too long ago, I volunteered to be a beta reader. This was my first time beta-ing(?) *shrug* and I’m not gonna lie, I was more than a little nervous. I googled ‘how to be a good beta reader’ and ‘what’s expected of a beta reader’—nervous may be an understatement. I didn’t want to screw up or be a disappointment. However, my excitement and desire to get my grubby little hands on this particular novel offset any kind of trepidation I was experiencing.

What novel had me stomping down my self-doubt? Rise of Sparrows (Relics of Ar’Zac Book One) by Sarina Langer.
“Growing up homeless and orphaned in a town that hates her, Rachael must assassinate the king of Rifarne to become queen to a people who once wanted her dead.

Rifarne is a country opposed to…

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