Today I’m stopping by Sarah Lentz’s blog ‘Write it Anyway’! Sarah has interviewed me and her thoughtful questions should make it an interesting read for you ❤ Thank you again, Sarah, for having me! (if you haven't been to her blog already, do it now! It's a highly interesting read!)

Write it anyway


Making up my list of questions for Sarina to answer was almost as fun as reading her thoughtful answers. I’ve only started reading her novel on my Kindle (my portable library of awesomeness), and I’m already finding it easy to relate to and care about her lead character.

Those of you who love reading as much as you love writing will understand when I say it’s a rare treat to read a novel that makes you want to write something as gorgeous as what you’re reading. I only wish I could grow another brain, so I could read and write at the same time.

My poor, solitary brain… it needs moments like this. Moments when I can combine my love of reading and writing – and in a way that hopefully entertains and edifies all who come to read this post.

Thank you, Sarina, for writing Rise of the Sparrows and…

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