For my final promotion during release week, I’ve stopped by KJ Chapman’s wonderful blog! She already posted a review on Monday, and now she’s interviewed me as well! (Plus, there’s another excerpt! You can’t say no to that! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Do check it out – and have a wander around her blog while you’re there!

trรฉs coolsarinaOn Monday, Sarina Langer released her debut novel, Rise of the Sparrows. I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for Sarina, and can honestly say that it was a gripping, well written, captivating read. You can check out my review here.

And guess what? Sarina has stopped by my little olโ€™ blog on her week long blog tour! Iโ€™m thrilled to welcome Sarina to my blog today, to throw some questions at her, and get an insight into the life of the newly published author.

Firstly, congratulations on the release of your first book! Is there a particular experience, good or bad, that has stuck out for you in the drafting or publication of your debut?

There are several things which I enjoyed, like writing the first draft, doing the research, and even editing! The writing community both here on WordPress and on Twitter (or more recentlyโ€ฆ

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