A Book's Progress 3

It’s been a wonderful week of plotting, everyone! I felt like I didn’t know enough about where the sequel was going or who was going to do what, so I took some time this week to plot some more. And then, since I had so much fun, I started plotting my various other projects as well 🙂


I’m nowhere near finished, but there’s progress and I’ve really enjoyed exploring all the different possibilities. There’ll be a lot more plotting next week as well but until then, let’s move on to more important things.

Like the word count, and the excerpt 😉 (But know that I’ve come up with some rather cruel plot twists and scenes.)

Since I failed miserably to reach my last two word count goals, I set my aspirations a little lower this week, and ended up writing more than the previous two weeks. What have we learned? Aim low 😛

This week I wrote 3,900 words on Relics of Ar’Zac Book 2, which brings the total to…

word count 17062016


I’ve got a bit of research ahead of me as well as the plotting, so the next few weeks promise to be interesting ^^

Next week I won’t get as much writing done because I’ve got two grown-up things scheduled. The research might have to wait another week so that I can write instead.

Oh, and Eye of the Seers is a temporary title only, so don’t get used to it 🙂

Now, to the excerpt! You know when you write a new chapter, and you think halfway through that it’ll need a lot of editing? That’s what most of my writing has been like, so when I tell you that I didn’t hate this short excerpt while I was still writing it, it should tell you how special it is. It will still get rewritten, but I don’t feel the same amount of dread thinking about it 😛

Here ya go ^^ Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂

“Do you recognise this?” Rachael asked, choosing her words carefully.

Kaida nodded. “I do. I have spent many years studying history, and have spent a large part of my studies on the old magics. I know this banner from paintings and drawings only, but to see it for myself… This banner—this whole temple—was around before the war that buried the old magic in time. All this was here when magic was an accepted part of the Northern Reaches. So many secrets have been lost, but this simple banner prevails. Doesn’t that astound you?”

Rachael swallowed. She hadn’t given it any thought, but Kaida was right. She had seen it for herself in her vision. The country Rifarne used to be. The magic that used to flow through its people.

She had wanted to be accepted within society, and more recently she had tried to understand her gift which—according to everyone she had talked to—only she possessed. This temple and its colours were a living memory to everything the war had destroyed. In a way, she was the same. Her gift was a remnant of the old days also.


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