Monday InspirationHi everyone!

It feels like I haven’t posted a writing prompt in months! I didn’t miss a Monday, did I?

As always, if the prompt speaks to you feel free to use it. If you do, please link back here so I can be nosy and read your interpretation πŸ˜‰


Start a story with the line “When I confronted him, he denied that he’d ever said it.”

When I confronted him, he denied that he’d ever said it. But I heard him, and it’s too late for excuses. Dan wants me dead. How am I supposed to forget that?

“Gods, Leah, slow down!” I ignore him and continue walking to the small shed in the back of the garden. My happy place. “Leah! Let me explain!”

I spun around so fast I see stars. “Explain? What’s there to explain?” He looks tired, and defeated. Waiting for my sorry ass to die must have been exhausting.

“I know it sounds bad,” he says, and I slap him. Bad doesn’t begin to describe how betrayed I feel.

“Fuck you, Dan. I don’t care.” I continue towards the shed, and leave the doors wide open. I’ve stayed too long. It’s time to move on.

“Don’t leave.”

“Is that a command? Huh? An order?”

“No, it’s-” He sighs. “Please, Leah. When I found you and came with you I wanted to kill you, yes. I was trained for it, remember? But I didn’t, and now I want to keep you save. I’ve seen you – the real you. I know you’re not a monster.” When I don’t say anything, he adds: “I’ve been with you for a year. If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead.”

I frown. “You’re not with me, Dan. And is that supposed to make me feel better?” Oddly enough, it does.


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