Today I’m over at Shona Kinsella’s blog to talk about how to write the perfect villain! Pop on over and say hi – we’d love to know who your favourite evil mastermind is!

shona kinsella

I’m very pleased to introduce you to author Sarina Langer, who blogs over at Cookie Break. I’ve been following her blog for a while now and I’ve really enjoyed following her journey to the publication of her first novel, Rise of the Sparrows.

She’s obsessed with books and all things stationery (much like me), has a proud collection of over twenty notebooks, and squees every time she buys a new notebook, pen (hmmm, fountain pens ❤ ) or highlighters.
In her free time she reads a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels, plays a lot of video games and researches things like human sacrifice traditions and the end of the universe. Purely for professional purposes, of course.
Her cat, the Sellybean, has become a mascot to her blog and her writing, and is probably sitting on her notes/laptop/chewing her pen as you read this.

Take it away, Sarina!

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