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When you’ve read a book you really liked, you might feel like doing, well… something. You may not be able to tell the author yourself how much you liked their work (but if you can, do – it makes our day go from :/ to :’D in an instant), but maybe it doesn’t have to be as much as that. Just something. Of course you’re under no obligation to do anything. You can tell everyone you know to buy it if you like, or you can simply shelve it and move on to your next read.

However, you might want to show your appreciation, and if you do but aren’t sure how to do it then this post has some ideas for you!


Recommend them.

This is the easiest way to show your appreciation. If you loved a book, tell people about it! If you know someone who you think would enjoy it, give them the name and the title. Let them borrow it if they prefer! Often people aren’t willing to spend money on a new book by a new author they aren’t familiar with. We only have so much space on our bookshelves, so we want to make sure that the books we add to them deserve to be there! So, if your friend would rather borrow a book than buy her own copy, that’s fine. We honestly don’t mind. If she loves it she’ll likely invest in her own copy sooner or later or buy the next one we publish, and we’ve all borrowed a book at some point.

Write a review.

You don’t need to be a certified reviewer or anything like that to write a review. It can be as short or as long as you like, as long as it’s honest and helps potential new readers figure out whether they might like the book or not. Mentioning a few things you liked makes a massive difference!

If you don’t feel that writing reviews is for you, that’s fine, too. Most, if not all, sites allow you to rate the books you’ve read without needing to say anything more about it! It’s faster, too.

Reviews and star ratings make a big difference to us, especially to us new indie authors who don’t have a loyal hundred-thousand-people readership behind us. Just clicking five stars or four stars might not feel like much when you do it, but it is.

Social Media

Sites like Twitter and Instagram are fantastic platforms for showcasing your favourite reads. Instagram especially has a massive reader base, and many of us writers use it to show you behind the scenes pictures, too. Your pictures of our books don’t have to be styled or painfully put together with seashells, flowers and feathers. They make our days regardless of how you present them. (Unless you’ve chosen a burning bin, of course)


Help us spread the word!

This is mostly about re-posting giveaway announcements, cover reveals, release dates and things like that. If an author you love has just revealed the cover for her sequel or the release date of her newest novel, then you can easily show your appreciation by retweeting it or re-posting it wherever else you’re active. This only takes a second, and exposes your favourite author to a wide new audience she might not have posted to before.

So, to recap: Don’t feel you need to do anything at all, if you don’t want to. You’re under no obligation to do any of the above, and don’t let other authors tell you otherwise. That you read our book and loved it means the world and a galaxy to us. If you do want to do something there are a number of ways available to you, and all of them – with the exception of writing reviews – only take a few short moments of your time. Rating a book five stars on Amazon or posting a picture of it on Instagram might not seem like much, but it is. Your action might be small, but its effects are long-reaching.

How do you like to thank your favourite authors? Do you write reviews, blog and tweet about it, or post pretty pictures on Instagram which make our day – or do you do something else entirely? If you’re an author – what’s the most helpful thing your readers can do for you, if they wish?


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