“The Seeker has grown up in a world where deliberate physical contact is a crime, and for most of her life, it hasn’t bothered her. But when some of her classmates are arrested for touching, she decides to try the most forbidden of things and touch another person. When she discovers the power of touching, and how it changes her and those around her, will the Seeker be content to return to a life without it?”

www-11012017-2What I thought:

I’ve never been hugged before. I don’t know anyone who has.

And so begins this wonderful play about the basic human need to be touched.

The Seeker lives in a future where all touch is outlawed. Hugs are sold illegally on the street like a modern day drug, and past users, like the Seekers mother, are watched closely by probation officers. The Seeker is a young woman who wonders what it would be like to have her hand held, to be embraced by her mother, or to be kissed, and writes down her thoughts in her diary, but when her mother finds out she’s furious.

The Seeker’s desire to know tops her fear of being imprisoned, and she decides to brave the unthinkable and pay a dealer for a hug.

What follows is the moving story set in a world where a basic human right and need has been taken away, and one girl’s refusal to accept it. It’s a short story (I read the whole thing in thirty minutes) but its message is strong and the story and characters develop beautifully.

If you’re looking for a quick, poignant read then I can’t recommend Touch enough! I really enjoyed my first dive into plays and would love to see it on stage if given the chance.


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