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Relics of Ar’Zac

Progress Update & FictFBFeb17 Days 1-3


It’s been a while since I’ve last done a proper progress update, so I figured it’s about time I update you on how things are going! 🙂

Darkened Light is still resting. I’ll start the edit as soon as Wardens of Archos is with my beta readers – which, you may remember, I thought would happen some time this month. Due to the heavy amount of editing Wardens of Archos needs (it’s never a good sign when you write the first draft and keep thinking ‘It’s fine, I’ll fix it in the edit’) I’ve had to push that date back, but still hope to have a beta version ready for you in late March/early April 🙂 It’s a bit later than I wanted it to be, but I don’t want to rush things. If my edit takes longer, it takes longer. No pressure.


But what’s taking so long? Well, I’m rewriting a lot of chapters from a different POV. I’ve added another POV altogether, so now you’ll get chapters from Rachael, Cale, Kiana, Kaida, Reeve, and Arnost Lis 😉 Rachael continues to take most of them, but I’d like to think that the others add a lot of additional value, too.

Essentially, there’s a lot of development going on across all areas. Hopefully this means that my next edit (printed out, red pen in hand (and my familiar nibbling on said pen, if my last paper edit taught me anything)) will be a lot smoother, but I don’t want to jinx it 😛

I don’t know why I’ve gotten it stuck in my head that I need to release Book 2 around the same time as Book 1 last year, but I’m trying not to stress over it. It’s not realistic to get it done before May 23rd and I’m reminding myself that that’s okay. I’ve learned a lot since Rise of the Sparrows and all that is flowing into Wardens of Archos, so it only makes sense that it takes longer.


~ #FictFBFeb17 ~

The talented Faith and my sister in spirit – who blogs over at aliasfaithrivens (visit her blog if you haven’t already!) – has created her own Twitter and Instagram tag called Fictional Flashback February, and it’s a wonderful way for our characters to introduce themselves to you! This month I’m focusing on Doran and Naavah Ora from Darkened Light. They are two very different characters and I’m really excited to show them off! ❤

Here are the first three days of the tag:

Day 1 Introduce your character



Day 2 First



Day 3Fire



If you’re a writer at any stage in your WIP, I urge you to join us on Twitter, or Instagram, or both! It really is a wonderful tag ❤ More next week!

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Rise of the Sparrows is only £0.99 until Saturday! ;)


Apologies for posting twice today – I bring you the news that you can currently buy my eBook for only £0.99! Need a present for the bookworm in your life? Here ya go! 😉

You can download your copy here!

Not sure? Here are some reviews:

“Fantasy, action, magic, and abilities- this book has it all. The main character, Rachel, was a breath of fresh air- wise for her age, untrusting, and a heroine who wants anything but to stand out. Blending in, being ‘normal’, has always been Rachel’s wish in life, but she has to embrace the fact that normality isn’t hers. She is destined.” -Goodreads review, May 22nd 2016

“The novel opens with an incredibly well-written prologue that just had me hooked, from the style to the little details to the dangerous characters.” – Goodreads review, Dec 18th, 2016

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a well written, easy read with a page-turning storyline.” – Amazon review, Oct 25th 2016


Rifarne is a country opposed to magic. When its people demand harsh action, King Aeric sees himself with no other choice but to outlaw those with the gift. Rachael, a homeless orphan with the rare gift of a Seer, soon finds herself with visions of her own violent death. When her escape goes wrong and she ends up in the clutches of a vicious Mist Woman lusting for her blood, she finds she is the only person to stop the war against people like her – and assassinating the King to become Queen to a people who once wanted her dead may well be the only way to do just that.

TITLE REVEAL! *drum roll*


It’s time!! 😀

I can’t tell you how much trouble this title has given me! Over the past few months I’ve had so many different ones, but none of them were quite right so I waited. And waited. And waited. And-

You get the idea.

So, I’m beyond excited to finally share the title of Book 2 in this series with you! Are you ready?

Drum roll, please! *drrrr*








Here it comes….





Book 2 in the Relics of Ar’Zac series, and Rise of the Sparrows‘ little sister, will be titled Wardens of Archos! :’D

What do you think? Do you like it? ^-^

The blurb will be announced early next year 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Progress Update – Editing, Facebook Changes and NaNo

A Book's Progress 3

Happy Friday, friends! ^-^

I’ve got several things to report this week, so I’ll divide this update into sections. Feel free to skip one or two if you’re not interested in all of them 🙂

Relics of Ar’Zac

Let’s start with the most important bit first! This week, I’ve started editing Relics of Ar’Zac #2 and so far it’s going slowly but well (we’ll get to the whys in a minute). There are so many things I want to add, and I’m really excited about how the story is progressing. I dare say you’re in for one hell of a ride! 😉

There’s a lot of editing to be done, but I’m hoping to be ready for betas around February 🙂 You’ll just have to cross your fingers really hard, is all.

Now, the reason it’s going slowly so far is because madness has overridden common sense, and I’ve decided to do NaNo this year!


NaNo 2016

I’ll be focusing on the first book in my new fantasy series, Soul of the Heart (temp. title), for this. If you’d take a quick look to the right, you’ll see that weekly word counts are back, too 😉 I’m so excited about this series and want to show it to you now, but it’s in no state to be shown to anyone. You know what first drafts are like 😀

I’ve spent a lot of time this week plotting and developing the characters (never mind all these gods that need names), and that’s partly why my edit of the sequel to Rise of the Sparrows is going so slowly right now – I’ve got a lot of NaNo prep to do! Earlier this year I made the last minute decision to do Camp NaNo, and failed miserably. This time I’m going to be much better prepared, since I’ll need to juggle writing 50K next month and editing my second book at the same time. Oh, and being a beta reader myself.



You might remember that I struggled with my Facebook before. I had an author page which was okay, but it didn’t let me do what I wanted to do with it, like join writing groups or post from Instagram directly to my page. I was tempted to just delete my account since there are social media sites out there which I use more often, and which work better for me. I didn’t want to use just my account because that seems unprofessional to me, but my author page wasn’t good enough, either, so I’ve decided on a compromise. I’ll keep my author page but will make it entirely about my books. Anything related to cover reveals, release dates, (progress updates), and things like that will pop onto my author page. I will use my account as myself but still as a writing account, meaning that I won’t upload pictures that aren’t related to my writing or moan about how hot it is in my GP’s waiting room. What you will get are Instagram pictures, book reviews, my bi-weekly writing prompts, my Tuesday posts, and things like that.

You can find my account here, and my author page here.

Do pop in and say hi 🙂 I’m not entirely convinced yet that this is the best way forward, and might still end up deleting my account altogether in the future, but so many writers use Facebook that I wanted to give it another shot.

And that’s it for this week! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 🙂

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Progress Update – Map Reveal!

A Book's Progress 3

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these! But it’s been an exciting week, and I’ve got something to show you! 😉

You’ll no doubt remember the map I included with Rise of the Sparrows (if you haven’t read my novel and missed all the posts I published squealing about it – hang on), and if you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ve likely also seen the teasers I posted here and there, like this one from yesterday:



Guess what? It’s time! 😀 I can finally share with you the map I’ll be using for Books 2 and 3! And…..

*dramatic drumroll*

… it is!


Thank you so much once again to Glynn from MonkeyBlood Design, who turned my sketch into something stunning and remained patient despite my constant additions and changes – I’m pretty sure I was a right pain this time! ^-^

With the addition of the Cold Sea, we’ve also decided to amend the original map of Rifarne a little:


It’s not huge a change, but both of us felt more comfortable with it. Continuity reasons, you’ll understand. When I eventually update Rise of the Sparrows with a couple of things I’ll add the new map, and I’ll make the changes here on CookieBreak in the meantime.

So what do you think of my newest baby? Isn’t she beautiful? ❤

Next week I’ll begin the first edit on the sequel, and hopefully I’ll have a title reveal soon, too 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ^-^


All content belongs to the author, Sarina Langer.

Cartography by MonkeyBlood Design.

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‘I’ve Finished the Draft!’ Free eBook Promo

So much excitement in one title! 😀


And what better way to celebrate than with a free book? 😉

Better yet, this isn’t a giveaway – all you have to do is pop over to Amazon, and download my eBook for FREE this weekend!

If you know somebody else who might like to treat themselves to a free book (and who doesn’t? It’s free!) tell them about it, spread the word – and enjoy!

Happy reading, everyone! 🙂

Progress Update – The First Draft is Finished!

A Book's Progress 3

Exciting news, everyone! Yesterday, I finished the first draft of Relics of Ar’Zac Book 2!

To celebrate I’ll make my eBook FREE on Amazon over the weekend, so keep an eye out for that 😉 There’ll be an actual announcement in a moment, too.


happy dance

That means that I’ve now written two books! Allow me a second to wrap my head around that…

Nope, but I’ll get there eventually :’)

Book #2 is now proofing, and won’t be touched again for at least one month 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll fix up my revised editing routine, and I’ll dive fully into my other two WsIP, Immortals (temp. title) and Soul of the Heart. I’ve really missed my immortal girls and my treasure hunter, my mist walker and my sacrifice, and can’t wait to get back to them.

I hope to have a title reveal for you soon, too,but before that I’ll have a map for you encompassing more than just Rifarne 😉 I might also share my revised editing plans with you if you’re interested since they’ve changed a lot since the last time I posted them.

Book 2 will need a lot of editing, so I’ll mostly use this month to prepare myself for a fierce battle with unnecessary words and sentence structure.

But until then, feast your eyes on this:



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Giveaway AND a free gift card!

Happy Friday, everyone!

It’s a long weekend here – and if there’s a better way to celebrate that than with a free copy of my eBook AND a free Amazon gift card, I don’t know it! 😉 (well, perhaps ice cream…)

dfw-sl-rots-cover-mid [33018]
Want to get this beauty for free?
I’m over at Lina Rochelle Andrew’s blog today to talk about beta reading and what’s involved, and the giveaways are included! If you’d like to celebrate the weekend with me, you can take a look here:



The Giveaway has now ended – thank you to everyone who participated!

And a wonderful weekend to you either way ^-^


Progress Update – Changes to my Friday Posts

A Book's Progress 3

Do you ever have any of those weeks where you feel like you got a lot done, while also feeling like you didn’t get much done? That’s how I’m feeling this week.

In terms of the sequel, I made good progress – I wrote 6,203 words this week, which means that the new total is now in the 60K! I feel like I’m nearing the end of the first draft with large steps, but at the same time there are so many scenes that want to be added while I’m writing. Many of them I can add while I write since they are a natural progression in the story, but many others will need to be added after the last chapter, when I have a better idea of where they’ll fit. My list of places and people (and as of today also events) that need names grows all the time, so I think next week I’ll give priority to that. The last chapter had two people, an event and a place which need names! You might say it’s gotten a wee bit out of hand…

And of course it’s the second book in the series, so I’m trying to avoid Middle Book Syndrome as well 🙂


I started my first beta read this week, which is very exciting! I’m so grateful for everything my betas did for my draft, and want to do a good job myself, too. It’s exciting to see the process from the other side, and the novel at such a vulnerable stage!

As the title of this post suggests, I’ve decided on some changes regarding my weekly progress updates. I’ve decided to cut back, a lot, and only post when I actually have something new to report. I feel like my last few updates have all sounded largely the same – progress is being made, this is how many words I wrote, I’m slowly getting there – so, to save all of us a bit of time, I’ve decided to cut back. This way, when you see a new post in your inbox on a Friday, you’ll know it’s news! 🙂 It takes time every week to write the updates, and I don’t see the point if it’s going to be the same content every week. I’ll have more time to write, and you’ll have less to catch up on!

everyone wins

Progress Updates might become a monthly thing, with addition of all important posts, such as the completion of a draft, a cover reveal, a completed map, and such, but I’ll see how things go.

May the inspiration find you well!



All content belongs to the author, Sarina Langer.

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